Doggie Duo Courses

5829 East Lake Road
Dewittville, NY 14728

Indoor "group" courses are currently limited to 2 dogs per class.  Hand hygiene stations are available and surfaces are disinfected between contact.  Masks are worn and physical distancing is encouraged.  


45 minute classes  $50 PER SESSION

The Puppy Pawtners Program is a one of a kind, two at a time option.  In lieu of Puppy Kindergarten, this is an opportunity for puppies that have received their first 2 rounds of vaccines to participate in a duo class with another handler and vaccinated dog.

  • A classmate and session time are assigned depending on schedule availability and other inquires.  

  • Q&A to expand on individual needs with a limited student to instructor ratio of 2:1.

  • The first class includes a full curriculum should you decide to proceed with additional sessions, remote or independent training.  

  • Multiple sessions may be purchased at a discounted rate, provided an appropriate classmate is also available.   


6 WEEK COURSE - weekly 45 minute classes  $150 PER DOG

  • Dogs 4.5 months and older.

  • Classes conducted on leash.

  • Limit 2 students per class, one guardian per dog (update coming soon).

  • Outdoor classroom utilized when appropriate.

  • Positive Reinforcement, Reward Based:

    • Mark & Reward Training

    • Lure Reward Training with emphasis on fading out the lure

    • Shaping

  • Manners include: 

    • Sit​, Down, Stay, Release

    • Name Game & Eye Contact

    • Leave It (ignore that!)

    • Loose Leash Walking

    • Drop It (spit it out!)

    • Wait at Doors

    • Settling on a Mat

    • NEW! As inspired by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants' curriculum (IAABC): Teaching Your Dog to Comfortably Wear a Muzzle or Harness.  


DOG TRICKS 6 WEEK COURSE - 40 minute weekly classes  $150 PER DOG

Pre tricks class requirements: Trick dogs must have:

  • a suitable temperament.

  • completed manners one or have basic foundational skills. 

  • passed a pre class screening or CGC test​.

Beyond Duo Classes

Outdoor Options for Returning and Advanced Students: 


MANNERS TWO - 4 WEEK COURSE - 60 minute weekly classes  $125 PER DOG

  • *Limited to warmer months due to outdoor requirement.

  • Taught outdoors at A BREWERY where students follow the brewery's social distancing and mask guidelines.  Take your dog's basic skills to the next level.

  • Developed by Summit Dog Training, represented by another certified trainer in Colorado.

  • DWYD™ focuses on essential skills for being a welcome, well mannered pooch:

    • focus around distractions.

    • settling under the table.

    • leave it.

    • practicing foundational skills in a new and different setting.

    • a great opportunity to practice for the CGC test.

Manners One and a suitable temperament are prerequisites for this off-site class.  

Pre DWYD™ class requirements: Brewery dogs must have:

  • a suitable temperament as other dogs will be present and visible.

  • completed manners one or have basic foundational skills. 



The C-H-Q PUPR Crew members are "Proudly Using Positive Reinforcement!"

CHQ PUPR Crew membership is available to Dogs and Owners that want a fun, noncompetitive, outdoor group class setting to continue training after having completed a group class or series of private sessions.  Here, students exchange ideas, training goals, setbacks and success stories.  Our PUPR Crew classes offer a relaxed, casual environment with a growth mindset.