Duo & Group Classes

Puppy Behaviors, Manners, Tricks, and Cooperative Care 

*Private or virtual training is recommended for vocal and fearful dogs (initially).  

Dog Manners

Doggie Manners One

Beginning manners skills include wellness, prevention, communication, luring/capturing sit, wait, down, stay, release, loose leash walking, settling on a mat around distractions, leave it and coming when called.  Starting with 1:1 consults is recommended for shy or reactive dogs.  

Dog Trick Beagle

Dog Tricks

Take positive reinforcement to the next level with clicker training and earn trick titles from the American Kennel Club.  Manners one graduation encouraged before advancing to tricks. Trick title online evaluations also available via remote consults.  Click here to watch a video of novice dog tricks.

Certified Drink With Your Dog Class Inst

Drink With Your Dog™

This seasonal 4 week course takes place outdoors at a dog friendly brewery.  Manners one is a prerequisite and students must be dog & people tolerant.  Enjoy a pint while gently guiding your dog on advanced manners including calm greetings, settling under the table, leash walking around distractions and polite ordering.  

AKC Virtual Home Manners Dog Manners

Virtual Manners Doggie School

Real time remote class from the comfort of home.  Skills include wellness & prevention, communication, sit, down, come, go to place, loose leash walking, leave it, stay, wait & release.  Graduates have the option of testing for an American Kennel Club Virtual Home Manners Title.  Scheduled to resume in Winter months.