Private & 1:1 Training

Puppyhood, Manners, Advanced Skills, Cooperative Care or Problem Behavior Solutions including Reactivity and Aggression.
*If problem behaviors have recently emerged, please schedule a wellness exam with your dog's
veterinary team before booking consultation with chqdogs.  

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In Person at the Classroom

Initial in person consults are 90 minutes.  Subsequent sessions are 60 minutes.  Puppies must have received their first 2 rounds of vaccines before visiting the classroom.   

Remote Dog Training

Remote Learning

Train with the guidance of a certified professional dog trainer by phone or through zoom.  Remote sessions are 60 minutes and include a post session email summary with supplemental resources.   

Zoom Training Hybrid

In Person / Zoom Hybrid

Hybrid sessions follow an initial consult and focus on reinforcing calm behaviors.

Day Training

Day Training

Day training consists of one on one time for your dog with a fear free certified professional trainer.  Dogs 6 months and older start with a 1:1 consult and those under 6 months require 1st & 2nd vaccines.  Day training sessions for puppies may involve a classmate (of similar age).  Follow up 1:1 sessions are scheduled to guide guardians on how to maintain the improved behavior with positive reinforcement.