Click Your Way Through Yes-vember with chqdogs!

Replace the "No" in November with "Yes"!

If someone ran up to you right now and started shouting "NO!", how would that make you feel?  Confused?  Frustrated?  So many dogs out there might even think their name is "No"!  The problem is, "no" just isn't enough information.  


Explore the free training tips & videos below on how you can use a clicker or a word like "Yes", followed by a small food reward to establish clearer communication with your dog.   

First, what does your dog like?

Have you heard of positive reinforcement?  This refers to adding something to a learner's experience that makes their behavior right before a reward more likely to be repeated.  Only the learner decides what is "reinforcing" or rewarding.  For example, you might think football tickets to see your favorite team would be worth working for, whereas someone else might prefer tickets to the ballet.  What if you worked really hard and ended up getting the ballet tickets instead?  How willing would you be to put in the work next time?  Chances are, not very likely.  You might think your dog should like the dry treats out of the box, when what they might prefer could be a tiny morsel of pizza crust.  Just like us, your own dog's tastes can be as unique each of your human friends & family.  

Bone Cookies

Click the behavior you like (& deliver a food reward)

Instead of concentrating on what you don't want your dog to do, think about what you would like them to do instead.  Here are some ideas: 

  • Dog is Quiet instead of barking.... click & treat.

  • Dog makes eye contact instead of ignoring you... click & treat.

  • Dog walks on a loose leash instead of pulling.... click & treat (bonus points for feeding them in the position you would like them to be!)

  • Check out the video above for a demonstration of both a clicker, and "yes" + treats in training.

Dog on Blue

What "Yes"+Treat Can Accomplish...

Small Strokes

Cooperative Care

Getting in the Car


Stay Tuned for pupdates!