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Training for Yellow Labrador

-Labrador Retriever Guardian

"Through ongoing practice with my newly acquired skills and “dog- language” perceptions, I’ve gained confidence in my ability to manage both myself and my dog... and the best part? He’s gaining the confidence in himself to navigate through some of these situations with a lot less panic.”

Image by Anastasiia Tarasova

-Bernese Mountain Dog Guardians

“chqdogs came highly recommended from our veterinarian regarding aggressive behavior.  Carly provided training, guidance, support and even went as far as to provide another avenue for us to speak with another group.  The virtual training and advice has helped with trust.  We are absolutely satisfied.”

Rescue Mix


Mix Guardians

“Through different games and training exercises, Carly taught us to develop a bond with our dogs so that they can trust us to make the best decisions for them, and thus, they feel safe and are less reactive to their environment and to each other."


-American Pitbull / Terrier

Mix Guardian

"I instantly connected with Carly, and felt I could work with her without additional stress! 

I feel chqdogs provided a wonderful service."

Image by Zachary Casler

-Rescue Chihuahua

Mix Guardians

"We had so many challenges with our sweet boy due to his disability.  Carly’s creativity in adapting to help us couldn’t possibly be more appreciated.  The obvious preparing she put into every visit.  Getting to know us and our dog.  Carly’s tremendous effort was extremely evident."