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Chautauqua Dogs

Certified Professional Dog Training in
Chautauqua County 

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Professional Dog Training & Behavior Consultation

Customized, Humane, Quality Dog Training at your service with a variety of options.

In and around Chautauqua County (Western New York) and Online virtually anywhere.

Puppy Training

Group Classes

Drop Off Training Experience

Adult Dog Training

Training Virtually Anywhere

In-Home Training

What Clients Say

“Extremely satisfied!  Carly’s coaching has helped us by providing a fear-free, trusting relationship to learn and grow and explore healthy behaviors. Our dog looks forward to each session and sees training as fun, positive, and rewarding. We understood early on that we would need coaching and guidance to understand our dog’s unique challenges and learn techniques for training a deaf dog and reinforcing positive behaviors. The training has not only helped our dog start a new life as a safe, secure, and beloved companion, but it has also helped us become the best possible guardians and caregivers.  Anyone who has a dog should invest in this type of training to strengthen their bond with their canine companion.”
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-Pitbull mix guardians

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