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Puppy Training

Congratulations on Your New Puppy! 

The events during your puppy's first few weeks and months of life are critical socialization interactions that can have a significant impact on their future.  Those important developmental periods coincide with necessary vaccines and veterinary visits.  chqdogs offers a variety of training options for puppies depending on their age and vaccination status.  Each section below further outlines options for puppies under 6 months depending on their vaccination status:  (click here to return to the "services" page if your dog is over 6 months). 

​A) New Puppy, only 1st round of vaccines completed: 

  • Remote Consult by Zoom or by Phone

  • In-Home Consult (trainer comes to you for 90 minutes)

  • Puppy Lessons eBook included with all puppy options.

​B) New Puppy, only 1st & 2nd round of vaccines completed,

in addition to all options above PLUS:

  • Classroom 60 minute session (potentially with Puppy Partner present)

  • Drop Off Training Experience Package available. 

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